Cancellation Policies

Short-notice cancellations and frequent cancellations of any kind add tremendously to our practice costs and waste our resources.  While we understand that conflicts arise which may require you to reschedule an appointment periodically, we ask that you avoid making frequent and numerous cancellations.

We also require that any cancellations be made at least 2 BUSINESS days in advance of your appointment so that we can try to use the time you cancel for another patient.  Business days are the 5 weekdays, Monday to Friday and do not include holidays.  Cancellations made either on the business day before the appointment or on the day of the appointment or no-shows will be subject to a short notice cancellation fee.

Our short-notice cancellation fee is:

  • $50 when the appointment is for the doctor’s exam alone for an established patient
  • $75 for new patient appointments or when the appointment is for a doctor’s exam and testing since more time is reserved for these latter 2 types of appointments

 We hope that all of our patients will understand that these charges are not punitive but rather a sharing of costs for wasted resources since office time and staffing are wasted when patients cancel on short notice.  We will usually credit the short notice cancellation fee when you must cancel or reschedule for true medical emergencies.