What To Bring For Your Appointment


New Patients - Please bring the following items to your first visit:

      • Photo ID – we are required to verify your identity
      • If transferring care, please bring recent records from your previous eye care professional
      • If you have had visual fields or other testing in the past, please being copies of the last few printouts for the doctor’s review

New AND Returning Patients please bring the following items with you on all visits:

        • An updated list of your medications
        • An updated list of medication allergies and reactions you have had to these medications
        • Your glasses
        • If wearing contact lenses, please bring a case and solutions for removal and storage
        • Your insurance card – please bring this to every visit
        • Cash, Check or credit card to pay copay, coinsurance, and any outstanding balance
        • A friend or relative to drive you home if you will be dilated during the visit (most new patients are dilated on the initial visit)
        • Sunglasses if you will be dilated